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both are. some scribes a rub people also get all of the content for just twelve euros fifty per month. was. germany's immigration policy ises let's see in the states of has given us a place in every region of parliaments it's yet another election in a medical report to be planning to quit as leader of the christian democrats off to eighteen. nato will get a stroll protests in norway has troops conduct the biggest thrill since the cold
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war. will say that a passenger jet crashes into the sea shortly after takeoff from the indonesian capital killing all two hundred eighty nine on board divers and now searching among the dead three. families retentive fukushima is accused of violating human rights but the u.n. contends people are being forced to live in areas where radiation levels remain safe. i've spoken to several mothers in particular who feel that they are being compelled to return because of financial hardship. live from moscow we're watching international welcome to the program. the german media is reporting that america is stepping down as the leader of the christian democrats this has not been officially confirmed the news comes hard on the hail
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poor performance in germany's has a region on sunday those still in the lead mikkel c.d.u. party is down by eleven percentage points compared to two thousand and thirteen. well it's a huge shift in the party it's a huge shift in how german politics looks i'm glad merkel's been in this job as the party chairwoman of the c.d.u. for the last eighteen years. her name her ideology is written through the party we know pretty much what to expect from her what she's going to say we understand although as i said this isn't confirmed just yet she. said to say that she will step down and not seek reelection as the chairwoman of the christian democratic union however she intends to remain in the role as chancellor until the end of this term and then step down as had been widely expected what that means those essentially that she would rule at the behest of the party and stead of being sort
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of ruling while being in charge of the party that backs her up. it's a bold move it's not being done before we haven't really seen this type of phasing out of power since well add now way back in the one nine hundred sixty s. not resulted from stuff from scandal what we have seen is reaction to this from well i would say her political colleagues but they're certainly not friendly christie and the head of the free democratic party he said that chancellor merkel had resigned from the wrong position or was about to step down from the wrong position meaning he thinks she should step down as chancellor it was though this news this what news about you part of came on the back of the election result in hessle which saw another double digit drop for the christian democratic union in a local election we saw her coalition partners in the social democrats as well as those within her own party in the region saying it was perhaps time for a change in berlin meaning mrs merkel solution to the state of the government isn't
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acceptable we therefore expect the c.d.u. to take appropriate action. is evening there was a very mixed message as there was the christine didn't. to union to continue leading this state many people have shown during this election that it must be different not in hester but in. a while as turmoil within angela merkel's own party the c.d.u. as well as it by proxy the social democrat coalition partners it was a very good evening for two of the smaller parties in germany the green party who i don't think you really can call smaller party these days they've been resurgent and continue they have twenty percent of the vote tying with the social democrats they of course were almost down and out last year they crept over the line into the bundestag barely but in bavaria and now it has so we've seen them resurgent also taking making ground there was the alternative for germany party they enter that
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has a parliament for the first time that means they're now represented in all of the sixteen states parliaments in germany as well as the bundestag they're not going to take on any leadership role if all the other parties have said they won't form a coalition with alternative germy they've proved to be controversial from their start up and continue to be controversial as they move into a more mean straight mainstream role of having representation all state parliaments their leadership on the results well they were elated with the people's party the f.t. is now represented in every german region after the great success it has. just go back through the latest news off the back of that election has said i'm going to merkel the german chancellor said that she won't seek reelection as the party chairwoman of the christian democratic union are expecting to hear from her. international relations professor peter shelf a fairfield actions in half
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a in bavaria have put germany's ruling coalition in a very difficult position she does not have then anymore the support and the confidence of her all are doing and the growth. in this is very tricky gyal and instruments are there at the moment so as a sort of democrats on the similar situation are that it is not. yet our what their response will be to assume most failures and be on that defeat with area dinners and still may ask for new elections which is god's will as well just so basically germany which used to be the ngos that lutie and progress in europe is in a very very big butts a moment and do i think this kind of situation she has been are there's a lot of that the reason for this is a mistrust and the loss of confidence in berlin. grieving relatives have arrived at jakarta at porth from where an intimation chats
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took off early on montagne morning anita that crash into the thing a few minutes later killing more one hundred eighty nine on board. was. distraught friends and family of the passengers and crew on line flight one hundred sixty were given medical assistance as they were told of their loved ones face shortly after takeoff on what should have been a short local flights the curve the brown's new boeing seven three seven requested an imagine sea landing the plane then plunged into the java sea emergency teams say they've recovered a number of bodies crash investigators say they won't speculate on the cause of the crash until data from the flight recorders is recovered it's we asked the chief executive of aviation consultants international in jakarta about swats might have caused the plane to come down it was thirty minutes into the flight and so it would
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have gone in to the second stage climb so it was generally be considered to be outside of the. problems that a brand new aircraft it's a highly reliable aircraft it's eight hundred marks. seven three seven they first came into service around two thousand and seventeen and this i believe is the first . accident certainly with fatalities to take your aircraft it was a little bit overcast it wasn't under storms in the area. it would be hard to envision something apart from a major catastrophic failure. to have brought the aircraft down and certainly a high speed. crash is something which changed to lead one to a catastrophic failure of the airframe itself. hundred serve and he will protesters have gathered in our survey against nato trails in norway the alliance says that thing its muscles in the biggest military exercises since the cold war it
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comes off to moscow how it's a major trails last month. has the details. fifty thousand troops two hundred and fifty aircraft sixty five warships and ten thousand tanks and vehicles it's a pretty straightforward message it is ambitious and it is. in recent years europe's security environment significant to deteriorate that nato has been careful not to mention moscow as the boogeyman which the exercise is aimed against but there are no illusions nato jets will be flying two hundred kilometers from russian border the troops will be learning to fight in cold conditions against a simulated enemy that is and surprisingly exactly as powerful as moscow. the
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effect of this activity will increase the tension between norway and russia despite quite clumsy attempts by the representatives of the alliance and its member states to picture such military activity as defensive it's obvious that this fighting capabilities demonstration has a distinct anti russian character tensions now a worse than they've been in a third of a sentry both nato and moscow have been going to it streams staging bigger and bigger war games russia's vostok maneuvers the natives trident war games record size for both this year and each blaming each other for stock demonstrates russia's focus on exercising large scale conflict it fits into a pattern we've seen over some time and more assertive russia significantly increasing its defense budget and its military presence wait wait wait getting a little carried away that russia's military budget has been decreasing not
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increasing year after year you would have thought nato intelligence would have spotted that now compare moscow's military spending ten nato's which is almost a trillion dollars a year it literally accounts for harf the world's military spending i mean there's no competition here. is the need to use military activity at the borders of russia has reached an unprecedented post cold war level bloc countries are engaged in offensive drills the aim of all this is increased capacity to swiftly deploy troops across europe. it's a remarkable cycle need to build up its forces. responds by building up it soon we need to then cools russian aggression and uses it to justify stationing more tanks more troops near russia. and repeat it's not really a drill i think he said probably. trying to look back.
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nato drills we have the certainties in the eighty's but typical would be that we had ten thousand participants now we got more than fifty one thousand is to give a political struggle between the united states and russia are going on all very impressive this far as military escalations go but what with all these war games this propaganda militant rhetoric and collapsing arms treaties one can only wonder how long can we go on like this and much more we can escalate the for a stupid decision or an accident puts a spark to this trillion dollar powder keg. moving on now and president trump and the fascinating keeping think thweatt this halloween they've been handing out candy to smiling children at the white house for their grown ups in america are the power brokers on capitol hill and giving them the ship it is
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candombe open explained with halloween fast approaching pollsters are looking into what strikes fear into americans the most now turn on any mainstream t.v. network and they'll have an answer for your efforts to influence the twenty eight eighteen mid-term elections the big news and divisive stories and posts caravan of impoverished migrants white nationalists prepared to take to the streets trump administration plan couldn't race the definition of transgender but according to a new poll conducted by chapman university in california americans actual fears don't really line up when given a list of one hundred things to be afraid of including nuclear war. zombies ghosts and other terrors americans listed their primary phobia for the fourth consecutive year as being corrupt politicians. and perhaps this fear isn't exactly baseless we do have a president whose tax returns are still under wraps and he seems to be pretty blatantly doing favors for his next of kin i've heard evolved i've heard how good
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would it be. the people that know it's nothing to do with that but does that but i want to tell you the people that know that he wagner would be dynamite but. then be accused of nepotism if you could believe it right and trump got a lectured by tearing into his opponent hillary clinton he called her crooked hillary because her reputation for shady deals has been around for years the f.b.i. even looked into her clinton foundation the former secretary of state never shied away from taking big sums from financial heavyweights did you have to be paid six hundred seventy five thousand dollars well i don't know that's what they offered. accusations of corruption are abundant in american politics even though they rarely make the legal field in the united states there's all kinds of politicians being accused of insider trading lavish gifts as they say welcome to american politics but it seems that the mainstream media is working overtime to direct our phobias
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elsewhere there's no living with the russian federation. to undermine american democracy while you know what we have to work on immigration i have a big dairy district live agriculture a lot of undocumented workers but these things aren't even in the top ten because we have so many of them. the things that relate to your life or the future of your kids and things like that not trumped up things like you know terrorism is going to get to. your bridges are going to fall down or something it's real life things that people are worried about a part of it is the economic ones including. corruption of politicians i was interested in the corrupt politician thing being at the top because for a long time people haven't recognized how corrupt their politicians are they think it's thinking in gradually that the whole system really stinks american politicians have learned that playing on people's fears is a big seller but it seems that what scares the americans the most is the very scare
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mongers trying to manipulate their fears kaleb mopp and r.t. new york still to come. under fire from the un telling families to rid tends of the radiation say the details and. i would prefer to say there the human space is must be come into the ground and terry push me instead so we are leaving in the solar system. and for sure we show the suns on other on other all this of the solar system i see that is the way all bring game and developing more technologists new technology so that's becoming even. increase. in improve the quality of life
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on earth. circle bamma really was very european in his approach he would be very well suited is the key in brussels for example doesn't represent america is america for better or worse and i think what we're trying to do here is to let the world see what we're all here. welcome back to our google is under pressure off to reports to form a scene executive received a multi-million dollar exit package after being accused of sexual misconduct by a colleague the tech giant is also accused of trying to silence the story which
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goes back to twenty fourteen on off reports. the era of me too has been celebrated as a turning point no more it seemed to could sexual harassers get away with it all to me to me to be to be to me to meet pull. but as some perpetrators were ostracized and ruined for life others apparently were covered and protected this is the claim made in a new york times article about the man who fathered the android mobile operating system allegedly the google big short coerced and other employee into intercourse at a hotel an accusation andy rubin denies specifically i never coerced a woman to have sex in a hotel room these false allegations are part of a smear campaign by my ex-wife. but the misconduct story is only part of the scandal according to the paper google's big head has reportedly knew of the
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allegations but there was no big outing for rubin no public shaming no kavanah scale investigation what happened instead a discreet resignation letter filed by the executive a goodbye golden handshake of a staggering ninety million dollars and they passed on the back from the big boss i want to wish and the all the best with what's next with android he created something through the remarkable with a billion plus happy users and the irony is that it's google one of the champions of the me too movement in supported by actions like creating a whole project with this guy catching heat map for the hash tag and note that we did not edit this in any way including the music. the phone when the paper published its investigation google retorted by flaunting its record of layoffs over such accusations in the last two years forty eight people have been terminated for sexual harassment
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including thirty who are seedier managers and above. and from we've learned so far this scandal looks pretty black and white good going the new york times against potentially bad guy google but the irony actually goes deeper here the new york times is amidst a very similar scandal itself back in twenty seventeen their white house correspondent glenn thrush was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior the paper did punish him by not allowing him to cover white house events anymore because that will show him those who are preaching the loudest about things like tolerance or things like you know taking moral high ground are often those who don't hold themselves to that same accountability because i don't think for them it's necessarily a more ality or even you know a principle of theirs i think it's more about politics to them so then when it's convenient for them to say they espouse the mitsu movement for political pragmatism
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or for you know sometimes i think click for click things like that that's very different from when it hits them personally the need to phenomenon had a lot of women inspired and empowered to giving them hope that maybe they don't have to be afraid to speak out anymore and while this message could not be more true it's hypocrites within the ranks that are stealing the hope from the victims. japan's being told by the u.n. that it might be violating human rights by forcing families to return to fukushima seven years after a nuclear plant meltdown rendered the area uninhabitable the japanese government insists some areas and now say that the un special rapporteur to wear on the house is a substantive says many feel they were forced to return spoken to several mothers in particular who feel that they are being compelled to return because of financial
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hardship their financial assistance that was provided to them after the disaster has been reduced to a. i'm unaided however if you look at the actual recommendations what the what the international bodies say is that they actually do not know what is acceptable dose of radiation for children and women of reproductive age and they urge most caution and a justification of any options one of the unanswered questions that we have regarding . relating to the waste is what they're going to do with the. radioactive store soil that's been stored in large plastic bags around around fukushima and where that will be disposed to date we have no answer for that either. the u.n. says it's disappointed that japan think north recommendations as to what constituted a safe level of radiation off the nuclear disaster in twenty eleven the government's race the safety threshold twenty times the un report says such levels pose
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a significant danger to public health especially children. the japanese are trying to move the situation back to a status quo as it was before the nuclear disaster as quickly as possible and in many ways that's to be commended but there also may be a possibility in this is why we're concerned that the japanese government is moving too quickly and perhaps not ensuring a night of what level of safety in particular for vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and children. the japanese foreign ministry says the un's for portis based on one side to defamation which could cause and necessary faith about for cushing. tensions building in sherry lanka where the abrupt
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sacking of the prime minister on friday has sparked a constitutional crisis the president says his decision to dissolve parliament and oust the top official was over and the alleged assassination plots. a person questioned by investigators has revealed the name of a minister in the ledge plots to assassinate me the term all ten deadly on sunday when a bodyguard of a sax cabinet minister fatally shot one person and injured others supporters of the former prime minister has been gathering outside his official residence strongly denouncing his sacking he has refused to step down saying that he has the backing of parliament. and the prime minister but that was the more phenomenal confidence against the body looked weak defeated or maybe are the water that is showing that they have confidently that to do with has not. i you have
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a guard i demand that the prime minister allow you to function of the brain is the ousted prime minister is known for his pro western view he has been trying to rebalance cherry lanka's relations with india and the us he says his dismissal is illegal and demanded an emergency problem entry session his firing came as the turning point of months of open hostility between him and his rival the newly sworn in prime minister is known for his pro china interests cherie lanka is massively in debt to beijing for large scale infrastructure projects questions are now being raised over a possible shift in the country's foreign policy a political analyst we spoke to says sherry lankan is being torn apart between major global powers soon learn could it's located in the politically sensitive position in the indian ocean the key commercial and its you will to always have to call to europe africa and asia despite some of asia has been dominated by india
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china recent seeking an important strategic course being the key regional in a lot of india the u.s. arms sales to see a long time and was very critical of the human rights. record these contests. on the geopolitical game by forging an alliance between india and us in countering china scoring influence and time into the pacific region what would be like to see and i don't these washington d.c. will work much more closely with india trying to ring the. political coalition and see what the cost. to the press is. we can now bring you breaking news from chairman a angle america has confirmed that she is stepping down as party leader of the christian democratic union after almost two decades in the job it follows another
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disappointing election performance this time in the state of her say where the c.d.u. suffered a slump in its share of aids the move now throws open the race for who will sit feed her c.d.u. leader she intends to go to stay on as german chancellor and her fourth term runs until twenty twenty one. well live now to bear lennon our europe correspondent peter all of the listen on the data else. yes after eighteen years as the chairwoman of the christian democratic union angela merkel says that she will not stand for reelection at the party congress which takes place in the beginning of december in homburg there now what she said is that she will remain on chancellor for the time being that puts her in an interesting position of course it does give her the chance to essentially bring through at the next candidate for the christian democratic union the next general election however she has been running
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this party this government this country for so many years she is really the big deal when it comes to german politics and when it comes to the party under her rule her name her style runs through it like a stick of blackpool rock it's going to be very difficult to try and entice people though to the party if it remains on the angular merkel's standing now i'm glad merkel's tack has been to keep the party right in the center and when they're talking about potential replacements she hasn't mentioned these a selfie ever when she was talking about a potential replacement because everybody else is there are two camps really that they fall into could it be the camp camp that she had been named basically as the heir apparent for to take over from angela merkel she is very much in a similar mode very much in the the centrist position that angela merkel's tried to keep the c.d.u. however there are dissenting voices amongst the conservative elements of the
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christian democratic union and maybe u.n. speil would come forward from there however if that happened well we could see the grand coalition with the social democrats completely disintegrating where this leaves us for now though is angela merkel will well may well be the chancellor until the next election however she may not have the power that she wants as she steps down as leader of the party she'll be well. in all intents and purposes the behest ruling at the behest of the party instead of ruling at the head of it it does seem though that this vote in hessle was the final straw coming just two weeks after the christian social union angela merkel cd use sista party also suffered big losses in bavaria and as mrs merkel was addressing the press in berkeley in just a few moments ago she said she recognized the good work that had been done on the local level and how that was being impacted by the impression that was being given by her party on
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a national level essentially saying she realizes the buck stops with her it's her image that's now affecting the party and that's why she's made this decision it does seem inevitable really after what was being said by both a coalition partners and by her allies within her own party following the results and has said let's have a listen now. solution to state of the government isn't acceptable we therefore expect the c.d.u. to take appropriate action. this evening there was a very mixed message as it wants the christian democratic union to continue leading this state many people have shown during this election that it must be different not in hester lives. well they were double digit drops in the polls for both the christian democratic union and the social democratic party of germany as well those votes went to a mixture the green party again doing very well in local elections they picked up around twenty.


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